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FEEF | The Sound of Thought

Sometimes, u know dat u know but it is not the right time or the right moment, but maybe it is not what you think it is or you might not know dat you don't know, but if it is understood by you then it must have something right about it, maybe from a view or in some points.

There is nothing is wrong totally, but normally everybody is busy and already have plans, and some ideas may cause a change in plan dat means losing time and dat is not good, however what if there is a way to share your views without completely changing anything, just the views in a way that is acceptable by you and the others, and here it is

When you try to whistle, you don't produce the sound from the first start, but you already know what a target whistle sounds like, and dat is the same case with ideas, they might be clear for you but for others it is most of the time not clear, specially for new ones. So when you say i have a idea and it dosent match their understanding you end up losing, but if yo…

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