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Nginx | Configure Famous Frameworks Routs ( Yii2, Laravel, Drupal, Codeigniter)

Below is a simple Server Configuration for Several Framework Based Projects,
note that the script is designed to have variables that takes the right directives then process the location
change all the variables to what serves your need

server { listen default_server; #listen [::]:80 default_server; disable_symlinks off; rewrite_log on; root /var/www/html; # Add index.php to the list if you are using PHP index index.html index.php; server_name; # Set CI Folder set $ci_app_folder ''; # Yii Project if ($request_uri ~ .*yii_folder_name.*) { set $ci_app_folder '/file/location/project1'; set $bootfile 'index.php?$args'; } # Drupal & Laravel Project if ($request_uri ~ .*drupal_folder_name.*) { set $ci_app_folder '/file/location/project3'; set $bootfile 'index.php?$query_string'; } # Codeigniter Project if ($request_uri ~ .*codeigniter_folder_name.*) { set $ci_app_folder '/file/…

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