In 1994, i was exposed to video gaming, ever since i was thinking how someone can make a game like that? still the answer is not clear for me but i got somehow stuck here and maybe one day i can make my own game (:

My Journey started in 1998 using windows 98, and office suite reading books about Excel, flash and Web Development Basics, later on i have gone though 5 companies from different industries and backgrounds, started as a basic web designer and leveled up to reach a level of becoming a web consultant

most of my learning resources where online based like VTC and Lynda, learning a wide range of technologies give me the ability to deeply understand a project from various perspectives and understand each project member rule from a development perspective to better manage a team

i have worked in small and big projects, my next goal is to employ my experience to consult and advice small and mid-sized projects in terms of business and technology from a production aspect in simple terms "focus on what is exactly needed, rather than what is common or what is generally recommended"


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